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Young Life's next premier property

Our Next Camp
Located in the heart of West Virginia, this is a world-class camp just waiting to happen — a place where thousands of kids will someday hear the Gospel and experience the best weeks of their lives.  Situated on the cliffs of the Gauley River and near the banks of Summersville Lake, this stunning property with extraordinary potential is primed to become Young Life's next iconic resort.  



Let’s keep the momentum going 
so we can start building 
the next great Young Life resort!


​Ideal Location​

The property is ideally located within a few hours of several major population centers where Young Life ministry is thriving. We are preparing to build a world-class camp where middle and high school-aged kids can experience the best week of their lives at a place built just for them. We hope you will join us as we strive to offer more kids a life-changing encounter with Jesus Christ!

"With over 50 percent of the U.S. population living within an eight-hour drive of Wild Ridge, this camp will serve as a hub for thousands of kids to hear the good news of Christ."
— Wiley Scott, 
Senior Vice President for Young Life's Eastern Division 

Drew Baumann
Adventures — Wild Ridge

Scott Berg 
Mountain State Regional Director


Young Life WV Camp Development | 312 Old Gauley Rd. Mt Nebo , WV 26679

Phone: 540-997-9276

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